When Anger Takes an Unhealthy Form

Anger is one of the common human emotions that all of us have felt at some point in our lives. Though unpleasant, this is a healthy response to events that cause us to feel pain, betrayal and frustration. Despite being a normal human emotion, anger may turn unhealthy when it when gets out of our control. Intentionally ignoring anger and not expressing it properly are two of the common signs of unhealthy behavior. Such unhealthy way of dealing with this emotion may cause problems in your personal and professional life. It may ruin your health, self-image and relationships. While it may not always be possible to express anger in an “appropriate” manner, certain behaviors show how capable you are of controlling your temper.

Staying silent:

Though it is not healthy to lash out over every small inconvenience, ignoring anger can also be dangerous. There may be several reasons behind repressing anger. These reasons may even trace back to how you were raised. For example, those, who grew up in a strict family environment where expressing anger was considered “bad” or resulted in emotional or physical abuse, may have tendencies of ignoring their emotions. People, who suppress their anger, often display some common signs. They may act as if the situation never occurred, tell the offending party that it is “okay”, or may even take the blame for someone else’s actions. Repressed anger keeps building up, and when left untreated, it may lead to negative self-esteem issues, depression and other complications.

Drug or alcohol abuse:

Many people turn to substance abuse when angry. However, it is unhealthy to use drugs or alcohol in an attempt to deal with anger. Discussing the situation when something makes you angry is the healthiest technique of anger control. However, instead of choosing this path, people often resort to using mind-altering substances so they can feel better. Using substance to escape emotions may lead to serious addictions. Having a glass of wine after a long day may not necessarily indicate an emotional problem. However, problems arise when someone does not see any other way of dealing with his/her emotions, but drowning themselves in drug or alcohol abuse.

Anger Control

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Lashing out over small things:

Though getting angry in response to negative emotion is normal, blowing off in an aggressive manner is not. If you have a habit of screaming, hitting, breaking things in anger, you may have a deeper anger issue to deal with. This is an unhealthy way of expressing anger. No matter how angry you are, you do not have the right to disrespect or harm others. Such tendencies indicate serious anger related issues that can only be solved with Effective Anger Control Methods.

Get yourself enrolled in an anger management facility if you are dealing with such anger related issues.

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