4 Tips to Find a Certified Domestic Violence Counselor

Domestic violence is a hated term in the modern world, and people are growing more aware of the immense physical, mental, spiritual and financial damage that it can cause to a partner or spouse. It can also affect a child or another member of the family. If you are a victim of domestic violence, it is important that you do not wait until the problem grows into a full-blown crisis. Get in touch with a certified domestic violence counselor to seek help. The following 4 tips will help you to find a good one for yourself.

Online Domestic Violance Classes

Look for a reputed counselor

It is important to go for a counselor who is reputed and known for his/her counseling services and guidance. You can either go for a private counselor or get in touch with a reputed domestic violence advocacy center in your locality. Such organizations have certified and reputed counselors working with them and you can be assured of the quality of counseling.

Do some online research

Once you are informed about the counselor whom you will be speaking to, you will have to fix an appointment. Do an online check into the background of the counselor and find out what previous clients have to say about the professional and his certification. The product and service review websites, social profile pages and online forums on domestic violence can be a good way to understand about the professional. If he sounds like a bad one, it is better to cancel the appointment.

Ask about the certification

If you have come to know about the professional from some source, and fixing an appointment with him online, ask directly about the organization that has conferred on him the certification. You would need a certified domestic violence counselor to handle your case, and there should not be compromise on the quality of counseling where your happiness is at stake. If he has been certified by a reputed institution, you can be more or less sure of the services.

Check the type of questions asked

Some counselors allow speaking directly to them before an appointment is fixed. You need to check whether the counselor asks questions about your life and relationships and expresses an eagerness to solve your problem. If he has a businesslike tone, you can be sure that he is interested only in his fees and hardly cares about your future. Stay away from such people, who are certified professionals only in name.


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