Master Your Stress and Anger With These Meditation Techniques

One of the important things you will be told in stress management courses online and in-person is just how important meditation is to solve your problems.

Meditation is thousands of year old practice that was meant to perform to find inner peace; to connect with the spiritual world and to deepen the understanding of life. Over the years this practice has come to play a crucial role into our lives- positively impacting every aspect of our days. No wonder thousands of people seeks meditation techniques for stress and anger.


3 common types of meditation

There is no one way to meditate; what matters is that you find comfort and calmness in your mind by controlling your breathe and thoughts. And to attain that there are few types and techniques that are very commonly practiced around the world and has been found very effective.


Many people don’t realize it, but yoga is a kind of meditation. You perform a series of postures while practicing deep breathes to attain more flexibility and calmness of mind.

Concentration Meditation

It is believed, with an immovable concentration, one can easily and control and guide her/his mind. And to attain such state of mind, there are various meditation techniques- from controlled breathing to reciting mantras or positive chants.

Visualization Meditation

This is where you close your eyes and visualize something positive without distraction. You can think of many things, like your happy past memories, the person you love the most, what a prosperous life means to you, how you are going to turn your dreams into reality, and more.

Silent place is the key

Although many people can meditate even in crowded and noisy places, if you’re a beginner, it is best to find a quite place- indoor or outdoor- where you will not be disturbed for the least of ten minutes; and for this reason, early morning is considered to be the best time. Make sure you have your phone in flight mode.

Still mind is everything

Having your mind still- away from the worries, concentrated on one particular happy thought- is the key. This is tough for many people. If that’s the case for you, there are different things that can help you. Listening your favorite music in loop, something that is soothing and calming, can be very effective.

Scents are other great things to help you concentrate. Spray your favorite perfume at the place where you are going to meditate, or lit a scented candle- it will be very relaxing. This method is also known as aroma therapy.

These are some methods and meditation techniques for stress that will help you control your mind and avoid any stressful, worrisome and irrelevant thoughts.


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