Tame Your Furious Emotions In Weird Ways As Effective Anger Management Counseling

Running behind the fast and mechanical world has made us forget to sit and think for a while, are we living a happy and peaceful life? The day you ask yourself this question, you will come to know the amount of stress you are going through everyday. Stress, something which goes unnoticed can actually disturb the whole affair of your existence, leading to other consequences of physical issues, depression and most importantly anger! Yes, anger has become one of the most spontaneous reactions to situations when we are stressed on or hurt regarding something. The leading anger management counseling centers, first offer effective tips and techniques to tame stress and then initiate the process of managing the furious emotions.


Before getting into any professional counseling class, we got you covered with weird ways to tame your stress and anger easily:

Touching and Hugging

Touching or hugging or even kissing or other affectionate activities act as the best possible touch therapies which stimulate the brain to release hormone oxytocin; this can lower blood pressure, calm your nerves and release the negative emotions of tensions and anger.

Eat Garlic and Chocolates

Garlic consumptions helps to release hydrogen sulfide, creating an internal reaction to sooth the blood vessels and pump up the blood flow. On the other hand, dark chocolate is full of antioxidant flavonoids, which helps to relax the nerves and muscles and keep you out of the furious emotions.

Rub Your Hoku to Calm Yourself Down

The flap of skin on your palm, also known as ‘hoku’ connecting the pointer finger to the thumb is an acupressure spot which when squeezed can minimize anger and stress upto 40%.

Gardening is a Natural Way

To get some positive vibes and reduce the inflicting anxious and angry emotions, being closer to plans and flowers actually helps. Get some energy of calm by playing with them and most essentially with mud through gardening.

Chewing a Gum

Chewing gum can reduce anxiety, anger and depression, with increased alertness and ability to multi tasking. They are probably the easiest way to get rid of stress and anger in the spur of the moment.

Lets Become an Artist

You do not need to be a pro in arts and crafts to ward off anger and stress, as painting deviates the mind from the disturbed position and promotes relaxation to the entire soul. Draw whatever comes to your mind and get relief!

Inflate a Balloon

Inflating a balloon seems funny, but it actually helps to practice deep-breathe. This can be done again and again whenever you feel engulfed with furious or stressful situations.

If these easy ways doesn’t help, get enrolled to one of the anger management classes online or offline.


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