Types Of Anger- Which One Of These 7 Reactions You Can Relate To?

Categorically speaking, there exist many different types of anger. And chances are you’re already a victim of one of them. Don’t believe us? Here we put together 7 different types of reactions (expressions) that relates to one particular type of anger. See, which one you can relate with the most-


  1. “Oh, we’ll see!”– Called Passive anger. You act normal all the time (even smile). But you hold grudges even on small things. Maybe your friends have ditched you to go hiking, maybe your boss under-appreciates you. Not necessarily plan a revenge plot, but in your head you’re always keeping notes and then getting angry.
  2. “Alright, let’s do it!”– Called Paranoid anger. You think the world revolves around you. You make imaginary situations and gets angry. The cable’s out- maybe the cable guy don’t want you to see the football match; those two people on the next table are laughing loud- maybe they’re laughing on the way you look. PARANOID, and then ANGER!
  3. “How dare she (he)”– Called Ego-based anger. The height of your ego rivals Mt. Everest- it’s high and everything that happens with and around you, you make it a matter of pride. Someone joked about your bad-hair day look, now you’re angry at them.
  4. “Oh, shoot! What now”– Called Shame-based anger. You’re eavesdropping, you’re relaxing at work, you’re gossiping, you ditched a friend to do your homework- everything (good or bad) makes you feel guilty. And then you stress over that fact and gets angry.
  5. “That shouldn’t have happened”– Called Moral Anger. You’re basically a modern day saint. Someone crossed the red signal, someone is cheating at the exams- you take a moral stance on everything, which ultimately gets you all worked up.
  6. “I hate money!”– Called Additive anger. Even the best of things would make you angry. You need money and someone offers you the needed amount- even that makes you super angry because you’re so addicted to this expression that you know of no other reactions.
  7. “Yeah, whatever”– Called Habitual anger. People know that you’re a loose cannon who is always worked up. Whether your favorite team won or lost, whether your boss appreciated your work or not- You. Feel. Anger. All. The. Time.

We bet you can relate to at least one of the mentioned anger types. If yes (well, of course you did), you should definitely seek professional help if you want to live a happier, successful and fulfilling life. Good thing is you don’t really have to attend in person sessions of the therapist. Today there exist many online anger management classes from well renowned and qualified professionals. Dial them and solve your anger issues easily.


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