Why You Should Not Delay Your Court Mandated Anger Management Class!

If you have been getting off the edge recently and some event in your life has triggered a court mandated anger management class, then you should not delay taking the training anymore and try to look for one as soon as possible. Anger issues can often take a toll on your life, letting you lose control of what you say and do, therefore distancing you from your near and dear ones.

However, one should not feel ostracized and rather realize the issue and put in a part of their energy in dealing with it. In this blog, you can find listed some of the major reasons why you should join court approved anger management classes and start your journey towards a better life. Let’s take a look –


  1. It shows that you don’t take your well being seriously

An angry mind is a narrow mind and one can only see clear reflections when the water is undisturbed – unlike when there are ripples. This is why an angry mind is never a happy mind and often stores a lot of resentment – but it also happens to the very best of us. And like every other problem, we must take steps towards its eradication and our wellbeing, so that we can manage our emotions better.

  1. It drives away people near to you

Which is one of the most painful side effects of being on the edge – people you like will eventually move out of your life, once they feel you have no control over your emotions and it might manifest in a way that will hurt them. This is one of the main reasons you should not delay joining court ordered anger management classes immediately, if you care about your family!

  1. It affects your other mental faculties

When you are more inclined towards getting angry or irritable, your overall mental faculties dim, and you lose a lot of the focus that made you the person you are. This will eventually hamper your work value and you might feel like your life is crashing down on you.

But, all of this changes when you take some responsibility to make yourself happy and work towards making an improvement with your anger management. So, do not wait any longer and just find the best classes online that are judiciary approved to make sure you have a head start to a better life.

Control Anger, Not Crush It: 4 Ways To Tame Intense Rage

Have you ever faced a situation when someone has said something to you and it has caused you extreme rage? You have! We all have. Anger is a healthy emotion that can motivate us to achieve our goals and become better. But only when it is within a certain limit! But the moment you let aggression take control, it leads you towards a downward spiral. Eventually, it starts hurting your mental health, physical health and plunges you into an abyss of nothingness, ruining your relationships and career completely.

anger management courses

So what should you do? How can you control it? Is crushing anger really effective? Why should you control it? Do you need to enrol for anger management courses with professionals? Too many questions, but not enough answers. Well worry not. Here is given four constructive ways in which you can pacify anger.

Take deep breathes and go for long walks. It may seem bit brag, but this tip actually is extremely effective. When you breathe slowly, your body takes in more oxygen. This in turn counteracts with the heavy flow of cortisol (anger hormones) and calms you down. Also, when you go for a walk, your body releases happy hormones, not allowing anger to take control.

Meditation helps you become calm in general. Thus, it reduces your chances of becoming angry. It also increases your focusing powers and elevates your life condition.

Forgive and forget is quite effective when it comes to dealing with rage. If you hold grudges against someone for doing some misdeed, it will never help you move on. Forgiving someone and letting go will provide you the perfect closure. It will give you the perfect resolution, not depleting energy or time from your life any longer.

Taking anger management classes can also help you deal with uncontrollable anger. When you talk to the experts, you feel good as they help you find constructive solutions to all your problems. They help you get over this crippling emotion and lead a better life.

Anger can lead to frustration, which can trigger depression. Before anger crushes you, control it. There is a popular saying that, “if you throw a piece of coal at someone else, it burns your hand first.” Thus, life is precious; do not waste it on trivial matters. Online anger management counselling classes can be availed with experts at reputed counselling institutions. You can enrol at affordable rates.

Mysterious Murder Of A Couple In The Dark Streets of LA Left Police Baffled

The Los Angeles police on Wednesday found two bodies, a 23 year old woman identified as Shakere Chambers and a 23 year old man, Aaron Roseboro lying on the dark corners of a street in south LA. The shooter fled the scene and there is no evidence available.


Due to a lack of evidence, the police is finding very hard to conduct the investigation. They have made an appeal that anyone with any information regarding the case should contact them.

15.07 anger-management-counseling

Many times, people fall victim to uncontrolled anger, which often results in seeking revenge. Anger is a secondary emotion and every person faces it. But letting it take control and commit hideous crimes is never justified. If you are suffering from irrepressible rage or having difficulty lead a normal life due to repeated episodes of anger, then seeking professional help is the right way to deal with it. You can enroll for classes with reputed counselling institution Valley Anger Management today at reasonable prices. The experts help you find constructive ways to deal with your anger. For more information, you can login to https://www.valleyangermanagement.com/.

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Social Media Disrupting Lives of Innocent Who Are Falsely Accused of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a crime seldom forgiven. However, sometimes a false case of violence be issued by a person against someone, in mere revenge. Since we live in a world that is highly controlled by social media, the chances of facing blame and insult doubles. Just like the numerous advantages internet offers, it has a number of disadvantages as well. One simple post on any platform of the wide world of social media can become instant news. The harm that can be ensued on the person can be far more damaging than anticipated. It can detriment their work life and disrupt their personal relationships.

Even if someone posts false news against you on any form of social media that may damage your reputation, the right way to deal with this situation is to stay quiet and avoid getting into a whirlwind of revenge comments and talks. Let the law do its part. It may be offensive and wounding, seeing your world fall apart, but if you are truly innocent and want to protect your reputation, then stop being defensive. Any such incident will be forgotten with time. And if you are proved innocent by the law, you will be able to hold your dignity.


Domestic violence is a serious crime and can cause harm to the victim. But sometimes the offender becomes the victim. Any person, who has fallen prey to this vicious crime of defacement, can register for classes with experts as offered by Valley Anger Management, one of the best online counselling institutions, and deal with the situation in a more constructive way. To know more about the classes, the schedules and the price, you can register on their online website at valley anger management.

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Take Help of Experts To Control Your Anger!

Anger management programs offer unique and exclusive training and counseling in varieties of emotion control problems. The trainers help the learners by implementing all sorts of psychological therapies in managing anger, stress and other related emotional issues. Varieties of customized programs are designed by high-end doctors and therapists to aid in the field of domestic violence, including abusive behavior in personal and professional life. Separate lesson plans are there for adolescents, adults, couples, corporations and families also.


Diversified therapies and methods are strategically used to get the best results. Exceptional tips are also provided which help the attendees to control anger and stress as well in various situations.

Stress level mounting on US Immigrants as ICE arrest another man with “no crime”

Durham, North Carolina- A man named Edwin Guillen was detained and arrested by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) for being in the country illegally from Honduras.

The 26-year-old, father of two, has been living in Durham for the past four years and has no past criminal record.

Past Tuesday, U.S. Marshals Task Force with ICE was in search of a fugitive, accused of a serious crime, on LaSalle Street. When they went to Guillen’s Duke Manor apartment, they found two people running; one of them was Guillen.

Guillen was eventually arrested. He now faces the threat of deportation.

The fugitive, who the officials were initially looking for, is still at-large.

ICE says that ‘he resisted police which gave them probable cause for the officer’s to make an arrest’. It was only after the arrested it was learned by ICE that Guillen is an undocumented immigrant.

Following his arrest, Guillen’s attorney Becky Moriello said, “If it’s true that he was arrested just because he ran, then that’s problematic because running isn’t a crime.”

Ever since Trump took over as the President of USA, his immigration enforcement plan has been a big headache for the undocumented immigrants in the country, who felt safer in the second term of Barack Obama, as long as their criminal record was clear.

Stress has been mounting across the states with media and the citizens left asking “what’s next”. A number from 2012 estimates 11.4 million illegal immigrants in USA—many of them are standing on shaky grounds in the current regime, the threat of getting detained and deported looming high.

04.08.16 stress-management-training

Even men and women like Guillen with no criminal background whatsoever are having sleepless nights, in dire need of the right stress management program.

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A Sheriff Ignores Shooting Call To Make To Video For Ex-Girlfriend

A video of a sheriff, ignoring a shooting call to record a video for his ex-girlfriend, from a Los Angeles County Sheriff was made viral on YouTube. The sheriff, identified as Jeremy Fennell, 26, was condemned from his duties as he faces an on-going investigation.

His ex-girlfriend, Priscilla Anderson, was being harassed constantly by the sheriff. She said that she felt helpless and did not know what to do. There are charges of domestic violence against him as well for he tried to strangle the victim.

The video shows that the sheriff was in his patrol car, wearing his uniform, when he got a call for shooting, but was busy recording a video for his ex. He blatantly ignored the call and went on recording, asking Anderson to forgive him and take him back.

Soon after the misconduct was reported by Anderson, the sheriff was released off his duty. Senior officials have cited this as a “flat-out inexcusable” incident and thorough investigation will be conducted to get to the depths of the matter.

26.09.16 online-anger-management-therapy

Ignoring duty when pledged to protect the public is an offense that cannot be forgiven. Problems might ensue in your personal life, but drawing a line between your personal and professional lives is of utmost importance. Obsession leading to violence and harassment is unforgiveable. If you want to take control of your life and restore happiness in it, take anger management and domestic violence classes with experts at Valley Anger Management. For more information on the classes, schedules and registration fees, login to the website today.

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