Mysterious Murder Of A Couple In The Dark Streets of LA Left Police Baffled

The Los Angeles police on Wednesday found two bodies, a 23 year old woman identified as Shakere Chambers and a 23 year old man, Aaron Roseboro lying on the dark corners of a street in south LA. The shooter fled the scene and there is no evidence available.


Due to a lack of evidence, the police is finding very hard to conduct the investigation. They have made an appeal that anyone with any information regarding the case should contact them.

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Many times, people fall victim to uncontrolled anger, which often results in seeking revenge. Anger is a secondary emotion and every person faces it. But letting it take control and commit hideous crimes is never justified. If you are suffering from irrepressible rage or having difficulty lead a normal life due to repeated episodes of anger, then seeking professional help is the right way to deal with it. You can enroll for classes with reputed counselling institution Valley Anger Management today at reasonable prices. The experts help you find constructive ways to deal with your anger. For more information, you can login to

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The Easy Tips to Control and Manage Anger in a Relationship Effectively

When two short tempered individuals get wed-locked, trivial fights to serious arguments become a part and parcel of life. Anger and resentment often rises from dismay, misunderstandings, or miscommunications, and hence they should be handled with care and maturity. Your spouse might be going through something mentally, and this might also cause the expression of hurtful emotions that might disappoint you completely. But, the one things that never lets this things affect your relationship is love and trust. Though when things become too difficult to comprehend, and your relationship begins to take a sour turn, you can always seek professional help from the anger control classes, hosted by experts and counsellors.

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Loving someone is all about reinventing yourself, and having the patience to ensure your partner’s mood swings instead of sticking to narcissism. Even if you are angry from inside, sometimes you have to make adjustments and bottle it up to calm the other one down.

Be a little selfless

You might also counter attack your partner out of stress and start shouting, but all you have to do is be patient with the other one’s mental stability. Instead of trying to be selfish and dictating them what to do, be a little selfless and keep her mental condition above everything. Take care, and make sure to pamper your spouse, and do not try to make her feel more disgusted with suggestions.

Think before you speak

Your partner might speak foul, and use bad words and shout at you when angry. You might be shirt tempered, but you need to maintain your mental tranquillity and think before you speak. What you speak will have a strong impact on how she feels. Thus, you can use the trick of counting till 10 before you try to utter anything.

Feel their problems

You have to keep yourself in their position, and then try to look at the whole matter. Surprisingly, this makes the experience of those feelings actually diminish within you too, and instead of getting agitated you begin empathising with your partner instantly. This is indeed a powerful way to put the other person at a calm state of mind.

Actively listen

Whenever there is a problem, an issue, or agitation between you both or something that is bothering your partner, you have to practice the art of listening. Confirm that you understood the point he or she wants to make and affirm to those feelings in a better and strong way.

Connect physically

Connection physically is not about sex, a hug or a kiss or even a peck on the forehead is enough to heal someone. This aids in resolving resentment, and helps you from the wrath of the opposite person too. Comfort the other one, and make them realised that you are there to take care of the disturbed things.

If things don’t get sorted out this way, you both can catch up for some professional and renowned anger management group classes to get better remedies.

Kansas Ex-Navy Opens Fire on Innocents as a Reflection of Hate

Adam Purinton, a 51 year old U.S. navy veteran opened fire in a Kansas bar on Wednesday that killed 32 year old Srinivas Kuchibhotla while injuring 32 year old Alok Madasani and 24 year old Ian Grillot.

As observed by the witnesses, Purinton was engrossed in using racial slurs and kept yelling at the victims to “get out of my country” before he opened fire. Both Kuchibhotla and Madasani are of Indian origin and worked as engineers at GPS maker Garmin. Grillot was shot when he tried to subdue Purinton.

Purinton was arrested by the local police who have collaborated with the FBI to investigate the case. The alleged has been charged with one count of premeditated murder and two counts of attempted premeditated murders.


As suspected by many, this is being identified as an act of hatred. If you want to do away with the vice or know someone who is being haunted by disturbing racist paranoia, then visit valley anger management. With experts available to walk you through your anger constructively via anger management classes, this is a great way to identify any subduing issues bothering you that may provoke you to work in an unruly manner. Get professional help from Valley Anger Management and wipe off rage from your life!

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Three Hollywood Divas Who Have Dealt With Serious Anger Issues – Revealed!

Life as a celebrity might seem like a bed of roses, while in reality it comes with a number of critical challenges. The constant ups and downs of life can sometimes frustrate the celebrities and they tend to lose temper at the drop of a hat. Although their image as a public figure doesn’t allow them to give in to those fuelling emotions, it is true that they are just like us behind their celeb-tags. While men are entitled to carry an angry disposition, women, as a norm, must be delicate and nice all the time. As you know, there is no such term as “angry young woman” but “damsel in distress”, right?


So, with little permission to express anger to the world, female celebrities often become the victim of repressed emotions. Here is a list of women celebrities who deal with temperament issues and seriously need anger management programs.

Naomi Campbell:

We have seen her on the ramp and we have seen her on the silver screen, but none of us could imagine what she was going through. Naomi Campbell is said to have an anger control issue and have also reportedly hurt people with her fuming rage. In 2006, she was accused of throwing her mobile at her domestic help out of sheer anger. There are other examples too which reveal Naomi’s distressing anger problems. She has also been court ordered to enrol into anger management programs as it was really hard for her to handle it on her own.

Lindsay Lohan:

A protagonist of several popular movies, Lindsay Lohan has quite a lot of issues with anger being one of them. There are few instances which revealed how LiLo was going through anger disorders. During her stay at the Betty Ford Centre, Lohan allegedly attacked an employee who was trying to test her breath as she was breaking the curfew. She has also been reported as a troubled actress while she was dating her lady love Samantha Ronson.

Courtney Love:

Being unpredictably violent, Courtney Love is another tantrum-queen of Hollywood who is in dire need of anger management programs. Accused with assault charges for several times, Courtney gives us many examples which manifest her fuming rage. She had reportedly attacked her boyfriend Kristin King with a bottle and a metal flashlight in 2004 and was charged with assault.

You are not alone if you are having trouble with your temperament and it is absolutely curable with proper treatment. There is no problem if you visit a counsellor for help. You can simply enrol into an online women anger management class if you think you seriously need to get over it.

Types Of Anger- Which One Of These 7 Reactions You Can Relate To?

Categorically speaking, there exist many different types of anger. And chances are you’re already a victim of one of them. Don’t believe us? Here we put together 7 different types of reactions (expressions) that relates to one particular type of anger. See, which one you can relate with the most-


  1. “Oh, we’ll see!”– Called Passive anger. You act normal all the time (even smile). But you hold grudges even on small things. Maybe your friends have ditched you to go hiking, maybe your boss under-appreciates you. Not necessarily plan a revenge plot, but in your head you’re always keeping notes and then getting angry.
  2. “Alright, let’s do it!”– Called Paranoid anger. You think the world revolves around you. You make imaginary situations and gets angry. The cable’s out- maybe the cable guy don’t want you to see the football match; those two people on the next table are laughing loud- maybe they’re laughing on the way you look. PARANOID, and then ANGER!
  3. “How dare she (he)”– Called Ego-based anger. The height of your ego rivals Mt. Everest- it’s high and everything that happens with and around you, you make it a matter of pride. Someone joked about your bad-hair day look, now you’re angry at them.
  4. “Oh, shoot! What now”– Called Shame-based anger. You’re eavesdropping, you’re relaxing at work, you’re gossiping, you ditched a friend to do your homework- everything (good or bad) makes you feel guilty. And then you stress over that fact and gets angry.
  5. “That shouldn’t have happened”– Called Moral Anger. You’re basically a modern day saint. Someone crossed the red signal, someone is cheating at the exams- you take a moral stance on everything, which ultimately gets you all worked up.
  6. “I hate money!”– Called Additive anger. Even the best of things would make you angry. You need money and someone offers you the needed amount- even that makes you super angry because you’re so addicted to this expression that you know of no other reactions.
  7. “Yeah, whatever”– Called Habitual anger. People know that you’re a loose cannon who is always worked up. Whether your favorite team won or lost, whether your boss appreciated your work or not- You. Feel. Anger. All. The. Time.

We bet you can relate to at least one of the mentioned anger types. If yes (well, of course you did), you should definitely seek professional help if you want to live a happier, successful and fulfilling life. Good thing is you don’t really have to attend in person sessions of the therapist. Today there exist many online anger management classes from well renowned and qualified professionals. Dial them and solve your anger issues easily.

Think Your Teen Needs Anger Management Courses? Read This to Know

Psychologically, a lot change for the young girls and boys during their teenage years- a transition phase from being a kid to an adult. To put in simple words, overwhelmed with everything happening to and around them, their emotions get edgy and they often fail to get hold of it. This results in them expressing their feelings in anger. This is all very normal. But what is not normal is ‘excessive anger’, which many parents complain about.


Today’s teenagers more angry than ever

Multiple recent researches suggest that today’s teenagers are angrier than ever. And there are plenty of reasons behind that. Peer pressure and bullying in middle and high school prevails high today. Expose to internet and social media easily influence teens’ psychology. And then there are parents who often find it hard to give some time to their growing kids. All these contribute into making a normal teen into an ‘angry teen’.

Signs Your Teen’s Anger Is Not ‘Normal’

Like mentioned, some anger is normal and in many ways healthy for teenagers. But problem is parents- and teens themselves- fail to measure that ‘some anger’. There are some signs that shows the young ones are having anger issues and needs professional help immediately.

  • They fight (an obvious one).
  • They make threats- of harming themselves or others.
  • They curse often in front of you.
  • They detach themselves for different activities and hobbies.
  • Their grades drop.
  • They socially isolate themselves.
  • Their communication with you (parent) is nearly zero.
  • They become fanatics of particular people or groups.
  • They cry a lot.
  • They lie often

Anger management online courses

When you believe your teen is having anger issues, the best solution is to enroll her/him in anger management online courses. These courses- easy to take with flexible timings- are designed extensively by professional counselors. The curricula helps the teen understand her/his problems and offer alternative and healthy ways to cope and let out the extreme emotions. Also, these courses focus on maintaining healthy life as well as relationships with parent and friends.

Undoubtedly these anger management online courses would be the best investment in self development of your teenager.

Pacify Yourself With Online Anger Control Tips!

Getting angry at times is quite normal for every human being as it works as a psychological defense mechanism to protect you from some external nuisances. However, do not forget that excessive anger is dangerous for your health, relationships as well as mental stability. If you are prone to get angry every now and then and each petty issue that comes your way gives you a hot flush in your ears, then you must resort to the anger management classes. These guidelines are offered by the well known agencies that offer courses on anger management. Below are some ways through which you can take control over your disorderly temper. Continue reading