A Woman Found Murdered by Boyfriend in San Bernardino for Reasons Unknown

A 45 year old woman, identified as Martha Garcia, was found murdered in a trailer at the back of a residence in San Bernardino. She is a clear of victim of homicide, which the police are guessing to be a result of domestic violence.

The LAPD informed the local police about a call they received regarding the case. The caller said Julio Serrano, a 42 year old, had shown up at the former’s house and complained that he had hurt his girlfriend. The San Bernardino police went to the location to find the victim deceased.

Serrano has been arrested and kept in county jail on one count of murder. He was on active parole for burglary and numerous arrests that he faced earlier. He was wearing an ankle tracking device at the time of arrest.

The police are continuing their investigation.


Domestic violence is unacceptable and requires correction immediately. If you know anyone who has been engaging themselves in any sort of violence, be it domestic or otherwise; encourage them to enroll for domestic violence classes with professionals as offered by Valley Anger Management. For more information, you can login to valley anger management.

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Stop The Abomination Called Domestic Violence Before It Ruins Your Life!

Domestic violence as defined by psychologists is a pattern of behaviour which involves abusing or physically beating a person. Domestic violence has no definite answer as within whom it prevails as anyone can be abusive in a family. Unhappy marriages often lead to domestic violence, or sometimes parents are extremely abusive towards their children which too can be termed as domestic violence.


The forms of domestic violence are varied. It can be physical, economic, emotional, religious or even sexual in nature. Torturing brides after marriage for dowry, or throwing of acids on young girls causing disfiguration are also identified as violence. While some of the violence result in emotional scars, severe cases where the victim has been found dead has also been recorded.

So today, the article widely speculates the theory which provokes a person to take the resort of violence against another and the consequences which follow.

Being an Inhuman Is Never Justified

There are quite a few reasons that can be highlighted as the key reasons for domestic violence. The most common one is recognised as sociological theory. It says that people who belong from a family with issues of conflict usually turn out to be abusers. Kids who have been abused by their parents also take up the same path. Like a full cycle of violence, this episode continues.

Feminists from all over the world believe that the stereotypical thoughts that prevail in the society regarding the power and position of a woman are highly responsible for after marital abuses. The concept of patriarchal society is in fact, a key contributor to the husbands torturing their wives. The gender related theory supports that considering women to be inferior in the society has been a very prevalent reason. While most of the women submit to this atrocity by accepting it as a part of fate, there is a very few number of women who actually fight against it. Some psychologists believe that abuse is a way in which man reconstructs his identity as a masculine, the superior being.

Other reasons for domestic violence may be sumptuous consumption of drugs or alcohol on a regular basis. Sometimes a difference in the income of the couple may also result in violence. However, this behaviour can be recognised as passive aggressive, for it might be recurrent often but not frequently. But as many psychologists say, once an abuser gets the taste of it, it is difficult to withdraw from such a presentation of power.

The Wound Heals, Scars Don’t

It is a known fact that physical wounds heal with time. But the effect it has on the emotional stability is really impossible to ignore. Depression, fear, low self-esteem is just a few of the outcome to name. It messes with a person’s well-being and makes them suffer for the rest of the life.

The number of people facing domestic violence has been increasing at a steady rate for the last few years. The intensity of the abuse is also a factor when it comes to the long term consequences. It is demonstration of power. It is no representation of authority. Domestic violence is a sickness which should be uprooted from the society. Domestic violence causes and effects are not limited to just the ones mentioned above. Any form of ferocity and vehemence which causes threat to the being of another person is recognised as domestic violence.

Like all other illness, it should be controlled and cured before it ruins some lives effectively!

6 Most Faqs about Online Domestic Violence Classes… And Their Answers

Just as much as the domestic violence itself, there exist a load of questions in regards to online DV classes. Chances are, if you’re planning to enroll in these classes, your mind must be clustered with heaps of concerns and questions yourself.

We picked the 6 most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about online domestic violence program and answered them for you.


Why go for these DV Classes and programs in the first place?

Domestic Violence is much like a disease; it just won’t get away with “I hope…” and “I’ll wait and see…” If anything, it will spread. It needs immediate treatment. And these DV classes are its cure medicines and counselors are the specialist doctors.

Is ONLINE domestic violence program any good?

Many people are still skeptical about ‘Online classes’, wondering if these virtual courses are really any good and effective. Yes, technology has taken giant leaps over the years and online classes are just as good as the in-person classes.

What are the different types of online domestic violence classes?

There are DV classes for the victims. Then, for the abusers, there are batterer programs that also fall under the umbrella of domestic violence course. Top counselors offer individual classes (for individual women and men), couples counseling and group sessions (for group women and men).

What should you expect from these classes?

Whether you’re a victim or batterer, first thing you’ll be taught is to take control of yourself and situation. You’ll be given with different practical techniques and methods to practice and implement. You’ll be taught and make aware of different situations (red signs) that eventually leads to violence, to understand before it happens and then avoid it tactfully.

What it the cost of online DV classes and batterer programs?

It really depends from counselors to counselors and what type of program you’re enrolling. But in general, expect anywhere between $70-$110 for the WHOLE COURSE!

How long domestic violence classes last?

This depends on your personal situation and needs and on the type of program you want to enroll in. Also different counselors design different curriculums for their overall course, which could wind up in just one day or spread well over a month and more. So you are better off asking this question to the counselor whose classes you’re planning to attend. Till then, have an open mind regarding the duration.

These are the 6 most FAQs about online DV classes with their answers. For more info, dial a good professional today.